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We are about the love, benefits, art, events, food, culture, and all the lovely people we meet because of bikes from here in our cycle city and beyond.

Jun 28, 2019

On this weeks show we have…

Kristin Ritter, Detroit Cycling Championship organizer and DAC board member and Francisco “Frankie” Andreu, former professional cyclist, nine-time Tour de France finisher, and two-time Olympian to discuss The Detroit Cycling Championship and how to get your outdoor Detroit cycling street racing on.

Detroit Cycling Championship

Detroit Athletic Club


Three Things Favorite Cycling Race

Henry - BMX at the state fair grounds

Bobby - Ol school sprint race

Bruno - Paris Roubaix race

Kristin - Detroit Cycling Championship

Fankie - Just getting out and enjoying the ride itself


We would also like to give a great shoutout and thank you PJ and the world famous PJ’s Lager House for letting us have time and home to record our future shows. Check out the bar for good food and drinks and ask PJ to show you the secret password slot in the basement door.

PJ’s Lager house located at 1254 Michigan Ave, Detroit MI

PJ’s Lager House click here for more info


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